A Full-Circle Moment

About three months after Andrew Harper left me, one of my friends sent me a text, telling me to switch to a certain channel on TV.

It was a show about the Casanova Conman, Nick Gage. I sat watching in amazement- there were women on TV vocalising what I was feeling. I remember wondering if Andrew was the Australian equivalent. I had a flash of myself some time in the future, doing an interview for TV.

I recently joined Diana and Rebecca in Sydney to conduct interviews for a new show on the Crime and Investigation Network about serial swindlers. We spoke about our experiences with Andrew Harper.

What an amazing opportunity to warn other people, all around the world.


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  1. Marc
    Dec 04, 2017 @ 18:18:08

    I actually had the dubious pleasure of meeting Nick Gage and shaking his hand! I stumbled across your reference to him just now as I searched for any new information about him after being reminded of him after reading an unrelated article on the BBC News website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-41915425). I met him while he briefly dated a friend of mine clearly not long before his well deserved downfall in 2006. I was watching the very same programme you saw back then and I had to give my friend a call and tell her what I’d just seen. Fortunately she was on to him straight away, we had many a phone and MSN (those were the days!) chats over what the next fantastic installment of his story was. He came out with all the same rubbish detailed in the programme as well as a melodramatic “accident” and visit to A&E that prevented a planned event from happening. The airline pilot stuff was hilarious, after a promised flight to Turin failed to materialise he blamed the weather saying it was too cold for the aircraft to get enough lift. My friend didn’t believe it and being as I’m an aircraft technician I confirmed that for her being as it’s hot and high altitude conditions where aircraft have problems with take off. He clearly let himself down on his theory of flight lessons!


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