Letter to Woman’s Weekly

This letter is being published in the February Woman’s Weekly. I had a lot of help perfecting it, thank you Diana and Rebecca.

Thank you so much for printing the story about myself, Diana and Rebecca and our struggle to stop a conman.

We have been contacted by several women who have been victims of conmen. We are astounded at the response and had no idea that there were so many women struggling with similar issues.  If we can help, and something positive can come from our experience, then what we went through was not for nothing.

There are a few resources available to victims. If they visit their GP, they are entitled to up to twelve free sessions with a psychiatrist. Counselling has been crucial to my healing process and I would encourage others to seek help. There is also a very good website, http://www.lovefraud.com/ which is full of information about healing and recovery after being conned. The book “Without Conscience” by Dr Robert Hare is brilliant.

We have set up a blog at http://conneddownunder.blogspot.com/ and a Facebook group, where victims can support one another in a safe environment. Sometimes just hearing the words “I understand” can make all the difference.

Thank you once again,

Rochelle Fisher




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