More about the church….

I thought last night about a couple of other situations with church leaders.

I was working for a couple who were home-group leaders, and ran a business. It was bizarre, we would have a prayer meeting every morning before work, and within 2 hours he would be screaming and swearing at customers on the phone. There were a few other issues that I had with them, including the way I was treated at work, and I went to the church for help.

At the very least, I expected to have a joint councelling session with them so that we could try and sort things out. Nothing was done, ever. I assume it was because they were tithing thousands of dollars a month and I was not.

If I missed a Wednesday night home group, Friday night prayer meeting, Saturday morning prayer meeting at 5am!!!!, Sunday morning service and Sunday evening service, I was accused of “Back-sliding” the next day at work. It felt like  was working for them AND the church. I just got sick of it, especially since my abusive husband had run our marriage into the ground, all the while pretending to the church that we were a perfect little family. It made me sick.

The last straw came when my best friend got into some trouble. I refused to ditch her as everyone else had done. It’s when we are our lowest that we need our friends the most, and I was there for her.

I was called in for a session with one of the leaders, who showed me some Bible versus that apparantly made it impossible for me to continue being her friend if I was a Christian. I told him and his wife in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER dump a friend in trouble, ever.

He told me that if I continued to be friends with her, I would be going to hell with her. I said to him:

“I would rather be in hell with my friends than in heaven with you bunch of hypocrites.”

I realised then that the relationship between me and the church was over.


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  1. Lev
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 01:53:55

    Stick to your guns.

    In the parable of the Good Samaritan the biblical scholars passed the wounded man without helping him.

    They made excuses not to help the man. And that’s what the biblical scholars of today do as well. Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing new under the sun. And the biblical scholars of today are proving that to be correct by acting just like the biblical scholars of Christ’s time.

    Christ called them hypocrites. And we should be Christ-like.


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